Kiln Dry

Mattera offers custom kiln drying services. We will kiln dry your lumber inventory to your specifications. Our kilns capacities in our Campeche Mill are up to 175,000 BF. Wood drying (also seasoning lumber or wood seasoning) reduces the moisture content of wood before its use.

During the process, the temperature is constantly controlled, relative humidity is maintained and air circulation is provided at various stages to achieve effective drying. In order to achieve this, the timber is stacked in chambers fitted with equipment for temperature, relative humidity and air flow control.

Hand Crafted

Thanks to the combination of years of in-depth experience in the wood floor market and our production team experts’ skills, in Mattera we have formed a highly qualified and experienced team of craftsmen.

Mattera offers wire brushing and finishing services for truck load quantities. We fill, patch/hand-scrape and finish your unfinished flooring to your specifications to deliver your own prefinished hardwood flooring.


The finish is a protective top coat that seals a hardwood floor against damage from everyday wear-and-tear, moisture, and stains. Prefinished floors have the finish applied during manufacturing. Unfinished floors have the finish applied on-site - at the customer's home.

For additional convenience, Mattera can provide you with prefinished wood flooring to save you the hassle of finishing it on-site because we make each custom floor based on the order. Contact us to speak to a specialist who can discuss the finish options available for the floor you have selected.