Wood Structure

Engineered flooring is a product which is an assembly of multiple layers of hardwood veener or dimensioned stock. The layers are kiln dried; assembled with opposing grain direction (cross-hatched); and bonded together to form a single unit. The units is milled on all edges and surfaces.

Engineered flooring is a kiln dried product with an average moisture content between 5 and 11% MC at time of shipment.

Edge configuration options include: a tonge and opposing grove; bevel edges and ends; bevel edges and non-beveled ends, and fully jointed or square edge, with or without face bevels. Jointed or square edges are most common with parquet units.

Veneer Cut Rotary Veneer
Thickness 3/8 ”, 1/2”
Widths 2.5 ” to 8.5”
Wear Layer/ Face Thickeness 1.8 mm to 2.5 mm
Plies From 3 ply to custom
Lengths: Random from 1’ to 6’
Wear and Back Layer:  Same Wood Specie
End and Side Profile Beveled, Micro Beveled, Square edge.

We can discuss the options available for the floor you want to customize.