Wood Finishes

  • Wood Finishes
    We have developed a versatile line of wood floor finishes to protect your investment. The wood floor finishes offered by Mattera provide many benefits:
    • Enhance the natural color and characteristics of the wood
    • More flexible and scuff resistant
    • Very little build up compared to traditional polyurethanes and won’t have a “plastic” look
    • Can be applied directly to the wood flooring or over a stain
    • Available in a variety of sheen levels - Satin, Matte and Extra Matte
    • Mattera Clear (Natural) and Amber finishes can be touched up in a matter of hours, with no sanding required, for general maintenance
    • Easy to care for and keep clean.
    • Extremely durable finishing, Aluminium Oxide
  • For added convenience, Mattera can provide you with prefinished wood flooring to save you the hassle of finishing it on site. Contact us to speak to a Specialist who can discuss the finish options available for the floor you have selected.