Engineered vs Solid Flooring

Solid or Engineered Floors - It’s About Options. Not Restrictions.

At the core of the debate. The National Wood Flooring Association guidelines recommend against using solid wood flooring in certain applications, where high moisture may be an issue, such as installing below grade or over a concrete slab. This does make sense for most traditional wood flooring, where narrow strips, high moisture absorption and other issues can lead to warping and shrinkage. That’s why engineered wood flooring is traditionally recommended in these applications. The cross-layering in engineered wood floors is designed to significantly improve dimensional stability.

Choose to look pretty … and smart. There are no trade-offs, our premium engineered wood flooring is hand crafted and made to order for the same level of customization you expect from Mattera. And, unlike many engineered floors, ours look just as beautiful as a solid wood floor. In the end, your flooring choice is a matter of what best fits your needs and those of your installer. But as long as you choose an attractive Mattera premium engineered hardwood floor, you’re making a smart decision you can stand on for years to come.